Sandra Bland Mattered.

Why did Sandra get jail time instead of a traffic fine?

Sandra Bland should be alive today working at Prairie View A&M University, her beloved alma mater, voicing her support of the Black Lives Matter movement and opinions as “Sandy Speaks.”

Sandra Bland 2.0: Racist Policing in America brings readers face-to-face with the root of racist policing, a crisis in America. The unjust use of police force and trigger-happy killing of blacks are commonplace in a supposedly post-racial society. Police bias and racial disparities promulgated by subcultures and other unchecked vices run rampant. Implicit or explicit racism, they’re the same. Both result in racial bias and too often, the death of blacks. The Internet is a memorial gateway to hundreds of African-American victims of police violence and shootings.

Some blacks don’t believe America will ever become post-racial. The alt-right will never disband, white supremacists are here to stay, and racist white police officers continue to terrorize the black community. Blacks aren’t disillusioned. And wishful thinking doesn’t make African Americans safe. But our voices will be heard. We demand equal protection of the law. Black Lives Matter.

People didn’t like it when Sandra Bland and thousands of protestors shouted “Black Lives Matter.” Bland fell victim to the racism she fought to eliminate. Sandra Bland’s traffic stop debacle and subsequent death inside her jail cell captured the world’s attention.

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